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This is the official NFT collection for Maya Protocol, featuring 6060 unique NFT wearables for your favorite web3 avatars. It will be your key to the protocol, granting you exclusive utilities.

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The gods that guide us

The collection consists of 5 styles with 1,200 masks each with their own representative background.

Rekindling the tradition

This category represents a more traditional mask concept, with them we honor the legacy of our ancestors.

Created from stars

For the mayans, the observation of the stars was of vital importance for the development of material and spiritual life.This category arises from this belief.

Technology meets the past

How far would the mayans have gone? This is a taste of a possible mix of the ancient culture and modernity.

Shadows of the underworld

The duality between life and death was an essential element for the mayans. Xibalbá was the underworld where the spirit was diluted and rekindled in another being. These masks represent that journey.

The entrance to life

The spirit was immortal for this culture and they believed in existence after the death of the body. These masks represent a rebirth.

Wealth and power

There are only 60 of them, they were sent by the gods and designed to grant maturity, courage, and fulfillment to their wearers.

About the Artist


Mexican Musician. Sculptor. Graphic Designer.

He has worked in the creation and development of creative environments in music videos, commercial identities, advertising and video art.

Mint Details


July 27th - 28th


0.05 - 0.1 ETH


Ethereum Network


1. Build Community & Partnerships

2. Launch

3. Bridge to AZTEC

4. $MAYA / $AZTEC Allocation

5. $CACAO Daily Staking Rewards

What is Maya Protocol?

Maya Protocol is a friendly innovative fork of popular blockchains, THORChain and Terra. The THORChain side, known as Maya Chain, nodes bone liquidity provider units instead of the native token, making capital efficiency 2x greater. On the Terra side, known as Aztec Chain, there is no marketing/delegation functionality so nodes remain anonymous.

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The Jordude

Project Lead Marketing, Business Dev


Community Manager, Operations


Maya Protocol Project Lead


Creator and
Animation Dev.


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What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is an asset consisting of digital data stored in a blockchain, a form of distributed ledger. The ownership of an NFT is recorded in the blockchain, and can be transferred by the owner, allowing NFTs to be sold and traded. They are non-fungible, meaning each NFT is unique from the other.

What blockchain will Maya Mask be on?

Maya Masks will initially launch on Ethereum. They will then later be migrated over to Maya Protocol’s native blockchain, Aztec.

How do I mint?

You’ll be able to mint directly from the Maya Masks’ minting website, which will go live during the the launch period.

What is the supply and mint price?

There will be a total supply of 6060 Maya Masks in the genesis collection. The mint price is TBD. The Maya List sale price will be lower than the public mint price.

Is there a whitelist?

The equivalent to the whitelist is the Maya List. There are several ways to get on the Maya List. Please go to the Maya Protocol Discord for more information.

Is there any utility for these NFTs?

Maya Masks is the NFT key to Maya Protocol. Holding a Maya Mask will grant you exclusive benefits to the community, events, airdrops, and daily rewards.

How do I stay up to date about the project?

Follow Maya Protocol on Twitter and join the Discord.